How To Get What You Want From Your Divorce

Dealing with divorce is never easy. However, if you approach the situation right, you may be able to emerge from it better positioned and able to get on with the rest of your life. Here are some steps that you can take to get what you want from your divorce.

Learn the Law

While the divorce process is an emotional one, it also has many legal implications that can affect your life for years to come. By understanding the legal principles involved, you can start making decisions that are in your best interests.

New Jersey has complex rules regarding various aspects of divorce, including:

  • Equitable distribution – New Jersey is an equitable distribution state, meaning that if the court has to decide how to split up your property, it will try to do so fairly, but not necessarily equally.
  • Child custody – New Jersey has sole or joint physical and legal custody.
  • Child support – New Jersey considers both parents’ income when determining how much child support to award.
  • Alimony – New Jersey courts may award alimony when spouses’ incomes are disparate.

Understand the Alternatives

Divorcing spouses have a lot of leeway in determining their own divorce settlement. They can also avail themselves of mediation to work out their differences. This is usually in their best interest and preferable to having the court make decisions for them that affect their lives, finances, and family.

Think into the Future

To really get what you want from your divorce, think ahead. Imagine yourself five years from now. Do you want to be returning to court for yet another court battle? Or do you want to have a positive co-parenting relationship with your ex while in a new, happy relationship? By seriously thinking about what you want your future to look like, you can craft a divorce settlement now to help you get there.

Try not to get bogged down by the details of any current decision you are facing. Instead, look at the big picture.

Identify Your Goals

Take the time to seriously consider what you really want from the divorce. Do you really want the house – or just someplace safe to raise your children? Do you want some financial support for a few years so you can finish your degree? Do you want to keep your retirement plan intact? Carefully consider your current financial situation and what you will need to be financially secure in the future.

Also, consider your personal goals. Do you want to get a quick divorce so you can put the past behind you? Do you want a civil relationship with your spouse? What kind of relationship do you picture with your children?

By taking the time to identify what you truly want from your divorce, you can work to achieve your goals.

Get Help

The process of doing everything yourself can be daunting, especially if you are already struggling with the emotional fallout of a divorce. Having a professional assist you with your divorce forms can give you peace of mind knowing your legal documents are filled out properly and reflect what you truly want from the divorce.

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